Thursday, September 13, 2012

26 and counting!

This year I turned 26! It was a little hard for both Chase and I to stomach that we are on the downslope to 30, meep :/ Wow! We celebrated on our way back from Baker City all weekend! It was incredible to have our little family together to enjoy the last few day of summer! We did some shopping, ate some delicious food, stayed in some great hotels, miniature golf and even the water park! We were exhausted by the time we were done! It was absolutely wonderful! 26 is looking pretty good so far!!

The boys were so cute at the water park and I wished I had my camera while I was there! They had little kid slides and Ruark went up and down 30-40 times all by himself and Rhett splashed in the water. It's so great having them grow a little older to be able to do these fun things.

The water park was right next to a family fun place and we ran over to play some miniature golf. Ruark was so good at it!!! He was on par for a lot of the rounds. However we just decided to make the rules that whoever got a-hole-in-one won the game. On the very last hole of the game, I made a hole in one!!!!! I was so excited! It was such an awesome birthday trip and it was just what we all needed, each other.

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