Thursday, September 13, 2012

26 and counting!

This year I turned 26! It was a little hard for both Chase and I to stomach that we are on the downslope to 30, meep :/ Wow! We celebrated on our way back from Baker City all weekend! It was incredible to have our little family together to enjoy the last few day of summer! We did some shopping, ate some delicious food, stayed in some great hotels, miniature golf and even the water park! We were exhausted by the time we were done! It was absolutely wonderful! 26 is looking pretty good so far!!

The boys were so cute at the water park and I wished I had my camera while I was there! They had little kid slides and Ruark went up and down 30-40 times all by himself and Rhett splashed in the water. It's so great having them grow a little older to be able to do these fun things.

The water park was right next to a family fun place and we ran over to play some miniature golf. Ruark was so good at it!!! He was on par for a lot of the rounds. However we just decided to make the rules that whoever got a-hole-in-one won the game. On the very last hole of the game, I made a hole in one!!!!! I was so excited! It was such an awesome birthday trip and it was just what we all needed, each other.

1st Birthday Photo Shoot

I had so many photo shoots planned for the night of his party but unfortunately it rained for a few days and so I ran outside when the warm sun came out one evening and snapped a few shots. I tried so hard to pose him but finally decided I wanted a perfect picture of him, being him!! So I left him to crawl around and play. These could be my favorite photos I have taken. There is so much joy that it just radiates out of this little boy! Oh we love him so much!!

Rhett turns 1!!!!

This little premie is thriving!!! He is growing so quickly I can hardly keep up! We is so sweet and dramatic. When he gets angry he hits his head on the floor, wall or most recently the concrete. It's terrible and we're doing all we can to get past this stage, he just might need to wear a helmet for a while :/

I was so excited to finally have a birthday party for my kids outside but of course it was POURING!!! We were so sad but it ended up to be the best time it didn't matter.

Not only was it Rhett's 1st birthday but we also celebrated Chase's 26 birthday AND it was also the first time since my wedding 7 years ago that all my siblings were together!

We threw a Very Hungry Caterpillar party for Rhett, it was only fitting because this little boy LOVES to eat! This book ways reminds us of Rhett, it starts out saying how he is born on a warm day and he is so tiny and hungry and by the end of the book he isn't little anymore he'a a bug fat caterpillar. He will eat as long as I put food on his high chair, often he'll spend 2-3 hours coloring pages and eating in that chair.

The cupcake caterpillar was from the store and the apple personal cake for Rhett was from my Mom. He only had a few bites because he had eaten so much food during the party he was completely stuffed. Happy Birthday Rhett we love you!! We can't imagine how we ever lived without you!!

My sister Lisa has an alter-ego named Leisel...she's a big German woman, think The Trunchbull from Matilda. She doesn't like men and she eats them for dinner. She got all in costume and entertained us with an impromptu performance. I wouldn't give up anyone in my matter crazy we are!

7 Years and not the least bit itchy!!

Where has time gone? This year we celebrated 7 YEARS of marriage and we're not feeling the least bit itchy! I still find myself staring and this amazing man of mine and feeling so completely amazed and in awe of him. After 7 years I still look forward to waking up in the morning with him and love kissing him goodnight. He's still the person I want to play with and love. I can't believe I was smart enough at 18 to realize I would never find anyone better. He is the love of my life and I am so thrilled he is all mine!!!!

4th of July

Last year on the 4th of July I was pregnant and contracting the entire time and spent the whole day miserable ready to be done!!! This year was so much fun! Both my boys were having a blast and loved the parade, picnic and fireworks! The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. It's one of the only summer holidays we can celebrate together!

My Mom kept the boys hyped up on cotton candy, throw in some delicious watermelon, sunshine, cousins and fireworks and it's a pretty amazing day to celebrate all of our freedoms!!